Download "Ugly God Bumps & Bruises" Full Album – Zip Leaked

Download "Ugly God Bumps & Bruises" Full Album – Zip Leaked

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He first announced its release in October 2018 teasing fans with a trailer on Instagram and also posted snippets of some songs who are to feature on the album before he later dropped the EP, just a lil something before the album… Bumps & Bruises” is set to be released sometime this year, so in the meantime, check out his EP and decide for yourself if this rapper is worth the wait. Recently, the rapper released an EP titled just a lil something before the album…” which, as the name suggests, is a lil something” to tide everyone over while waiting for his highly anticipated album, Bumps & Bruises,” to drop in the coming months. He continued to tease this album and two other projects on February 20, 2018, saying Bumps & Bruises” is the debut album. He has teased the album a number of times in the past and also shared a trailer for the project It was first announced in late 2018 but fans are excited now that it has an official release date. Ugly God Shares 'Bumps & Bruises' Release Date News. Can you name the Name The Songs On Bumps & Bruises By Ugly God? "So i put all my songs that didn't make the album into a folder and put it in a dropbox link that i accidentally emailed to some fan and he's wants me to pay him or he says he'll leak them, and i refuse to buy my own shit from some fan," Ugly God wrote on Twitter on Monday (June 3). "so if 100+ songs leak, fuck it.." Fans of Ugly God can expect to hear at least two more Bumps & Bruises singles in the coming months.

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