Moranghurk January 2017

What a wonderful weekend we all had at the Moranghurk homestead. Dark skies gave us perfect viewing of the heavens above and according to some of my fellow astronomers, was 'The best night skies they had seen here'. With our telescopes and gear set up and aligned the best we could, we were able to observe and photograph some incredible heavenly objects.

Some of the more advanced astronomers gave a helping hand to the likes of 'me', who has never used a polar scope to align my scope properly, now was the opportunity to learn how to do it and Peter Aitken, Dave Murton and Rodd Westwood gladly gave me their time to help. I stayed two nights only, (I forgot to pack a towel, so a 15 minute trip to my parents place to grab a towel and a bite to eat was in order). All meals were the cooked on the BBQ or zapped in the microwave and consumed at a rapid rate, so we could all go out and capture the magic of the night sky. The jokes, laughter and comradeship of 'a Moranghurk Weekend' make it a special event for many of us, and there are a few who have been doing it for many years.

Overall my night of photographing the night sky was a huge success thanks to the help I got setting up my gear 'properly'. All in all, a successful weekend and I will surely be doing it again.

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