The Astronomical Society of Geelong was formed back in the 1960's where we acquired club rooms on the Belmont Common.


But in an unforeseen flood in 1995 the rooms and most of the clubs equipment was destroyed. The club rooms were declared to be unsafe by the council and were demolished. From then on club meetings were held in the member's homes, after much searching, we finally found a new home at the Geelong show grounds where we are today.


Much work has been put into the club rooms by all the members. We have built an observatory which houses an 8" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain and a Skywatcher ED100 Refractor telescope on an EQ6 mount that is computer controlled.


We also have a 13" Reflector telescope on a Dobsonian mount that was donated to the club
by one of our long-standing members family and is used extensively by all members.
We are slowly rebuilding what we had lost all those years ago.


Thank you for the help of all the members.

Astronomical Society of Geelong 

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